Leaving Galveston

Sitting here soaked from the shower,
wearing a denim dress and letting my hair drip,
I remember returning from Galveston beaches,
All four kids in the car, and my visiting brother,
Heading home to my husband.
Soaked and sandy,
some of them sleeping,
having been hot, and now cooler,
we drove past places
that offered tasty meals, memorable movies,
beach clothes and cold beer,
but I drove, determined,
smiling slightly,
aware that something better awaited,
hurrying to my husband,
up I-45, and me not yet forty,
far from it,
and for once thinking of nothing north
of Webster, Texas. Wonderful.

Photo credit: tempoworld.net via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

2 thoughts on “Leaving Galveston”

    1. Thank you! It was a dizzying drive down, with so many places where it might be pleasant to stop, but going home, what mattered was going home.

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