Guy Soup

Looking for something different to make for dinner? This is a recipe created to humor and feed my children. It’s vegan and not very complicated. I don’t like the title that the Christian Science Monitor gave the article, but I love that they published it.

I needed to figure out the soup recipe to make dinner for our family of Orthodox Christians on one of our many “fast days” when we eat vegan. I like the levels of creativity involved in this article. I had to figure out, first, what kind of soup I could make that my children would eat. Then, I had to figure out who would be interested in the story. And I had to figure out how to tell the story in a way that would appeal to “The Christian Science Monitor” readers when I am not a Christian Scientist.

Just as I needed to figure out that my kids would eat green beans but not lima beans, I had to figure out that “The Christian Science Monitor” has readers who want vegetarian and even vegan recipes without an explanation of the Orthodox rules for fasting.

Sometimes an article is the coming together of many different exercises in winnowing, editing, and choosing.

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