Loneliness in Modern Life: What to Do?

Recent conversations have led me to think more than usual about loneliness in modern life. I often speak of clergy life as being all of us fighting the same battle, from different foxholes. But loneliness is a factor, a reality, and I think it’s worse for the laity. The closer one stands to the altar, the more one gets that “Christ is in our midst” is not a mindless greeting but the statement of a profound reality. When one lives far from church, both physically and metaphorically, it becomes harder to keep this in mind. What to do?

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From a Vase of Sticks, the Fruit of Hope and Promise

This is the first of my articles that the Christian Science Monitor published. Our family had just moved from Houston to Stratford, Connecticut, which was a sort of homecoming for me (I grew up in Boston) but was like landing on a strange planet for my children. It’s an article about flowers, but it’s also about hope.

Photo credit: ThomasKohler via Foter.com / CC BY