About Ann

cropped-ann-lardas-profile.jpgI am Ann McLellan Lardas – an author, editor, and teacher with more than thirty years experience.

I grew up in Boston and graduated from Commonwealth School and Wellesley College. I lived in Boston and Houston before settling in Stratford, Connecticut. I am married to Rev. George D. Lardas, who is a professor and a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church, where you have to be married or a monk to be ordained. We have four adult children, two daughters-in-law, and a grandchild who has stolen my heart. I have written for “Religion Under Communism,” “Caelum et Terra,” “Orthodox America,” “Living Orthodoxy,” “Orthodox Family,” “The Christian Science Monitor,” and “Radish Magazine” and helped create and edit a women’s magazine for Toyota’s home page in the early days of the internet.  I work as a substitute teacher and choir director while pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing through Fairfield University’s limited residency program, which I highly recommend to all writers looking for mentors, peers, and support. I garden, sing, cook, read, knit, drink too much coffee, and don’t sleep much. But I am happy.

Ann McLellan Lardas